Good News Bad News

(2012, Chronicle Books)
ages 2 and up
ISBN-13: 978-1452101101

“An instructive and entertaining primer on the art of friendship and the complexity of joy.”-Kirkus starred review

“This well-executed, rapid-fire book should satisfy even the most resistant readers.” – Publisher’s Weekly starred review

“With lively illustrations, this sweet and simple book offers an interactive reading experience where reader and listener can discuss the different ways we see the world.”- Children’s Literature
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Cindy Moo  
by Lori Mortensen

(2012, HarperCollins)
ages 4 and up
ISBN-13: 978-0062043931

“Great for bedtime sharing.”- School Library Journal

“Mack's cows are a delight”- Kirkus

“Mo(ooo)ve aside your other cow tales, because this lovable bovine really does take off.”- Booklist
Frog and Fly
in Six Slurpy Stories

(2012, Philomel)
Ages 3 and up
ISBN-13: 978-0399256172

A Junior Library Guild Selection

“This expressive and personable duo provides a spot-on brand of joke book–style humor that children will find plenty entertaining.”-Publisher’s Weekly

“This would be a fun reader’s theater for storytime or classroom use.”- School Library Journal

“Many children are going to find this hilarious”- Booklist
Mr. Duck Means
by Tammi Sauer

(2011, Simon and Schuster)
Ages: 4-8
ISBN 978-1416985228

“Mack’s furry and feathered wide-eyed animals rendered in ebullient acrylic are a great match for this fine farmyard fable." – Kirkus

“A pleasing book that offers a viable avenue for discussion about how sometimes compromise is the best way to go.”-School Library Journal

“Mack (Hush Little Polar Bear) plays up both the barnyard crew's aquatic glee”- Publisher’s Weekly
Hush Little Polar Bear

(2008, Roaring Brook)
Ages 4-6
ISBN 9781596433687

"Begging to be sung, this will be a natural choice for bedtime or teddy-bear-themed storyhours." - School Library Journal

"Giving the child character the speaking rather than the listening part neatly reverses lullaby convention." - Publishers Weekly

"In a world full of bedtime books, this one has a place." - Kirkus
Dog Wants To Play
by Christine Mc Donnell

(2009, Viking)
Ages: infants-preschoolers
ISBN 9780670011261

"Mack's acrylic illustrations suit the audience, giving a clue as to the next creature Dog hopes to entice into playing with him and investing Dog with considerable charm: His body language speaks volumes... Subtle and sweet." - Kirkus
Boo, Bunny!
by Kathryn O. Galbraith

(2008, Harcourt)
Ages 3-7
ISBN 9780152162467

"Mack's illustrations are a delicious contrast of dark backgrounds, spooky shapes, and bright fuzzy rabbits in their costumes."
- School Library Journal

"Newly minted trick-or-treaters will ask for this one over and over."
- Kirkus

"Jeff Mack's illustrations are so furrily appealing, even first-time trick-or-treaters will be reassured."  - PEOPLE Magazine
Hurry! Hurry!
by Eve Bunting

(2007, Harcourt)
Ages 3-5
ISBN 9780152054106

School Library Journal’s Best Books of 2007

"This charming story celebrates the anticipation of a new life and its long-awaited appearance."
- School Library Journal Starred Review

"A deceptively simple, joyous offering, this will surely enliven story hours" – Booklist Starred Review
Starry Safari
by Linda Ashman

(2005, Harcourt)
Ages 2-5
ISBN 9780152047665

"The richly colored pictures and constant action make this a good choice for storytime."- School Library Journal

"Preschoolers will...giggle with delight when they realize this is a bedtime tale--and immediately begin planning their own imaginative safari." - Booklist

"With full-page waggish illustrations painted in thick strokes with lively colors, this mini-thriller is proof that imaginations really can go wild." - Kirkus!

We're Rabbits!
by Lisa Westburg Peters

(2004, Harcourt)
ages 3-7
ISBN 9780152046712

"Mack's pictures, in thickly applied brush strokes, perfectly capture the story's rough-and-tumble action and its playful tone." - Booklist

"Thanks to the saucy rhymes, you and your preschooler will be tapping your toes all the way to the grocery store."
- Parenting Magazine

"A new- or pre-reader's delight, this pairs big, simple, multicolored words to sunny garden scenes replete with luscious looking edibles. Yum." - Kirkus
Rub-a-Dub Sub
by Linda Ashman

(2003, Harcourt)
Ages 2-5
ISBN 9780152026585

Mack, making an impressive debut, populates his brilliant turquoise backdrops with comically exaggerated critters intrigued by the aquanaut's presence." - Publisher's Weekly STARRED REVIEW

"This imaginative bath-time book excels at blending story and pictures."- School Library Journal

"An amusing and equally enlightening companion to Ashman’s previous Castles, Caves, and Honeycombs" - Kirkus



CHILD MAGAZINE featured book



The Icky Sticky Chameleon        
by Dawn Bentley

(2002, Intervisual Books)
Ages 4-7
ISBN 9781581170863
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Hurry Hurry - click on the picture for more Hurry Hurry - sample 1 Hurry Hurry - sample 2 Hurry Hurry - sample 3
Starry Safari - click on the picture for more Starry Safari - sample 1 Starry Safari - sample 2 Starry Safari - sample 3
We're Rabbits - click on the picture for more We're Rabbits - sample 1 We're Rabbits - sample 2 We're Rabbits - sample 3
Icky Sticky Chameleon - click on the picture for more Icky Sticky Chameleon - sample 1 Icky Sticky Chameleon - sample 2 Icky Sticky Chameleon - sample 3
The Things I Can Do - click on the picture for more The Things I Can Do - sample 1 The Things I Can Do sample 2 The Things I Can Do sample 3
The Things I Can Do

(2013, Roaring Brook)
ages 4 and up
ISBN-13: 978-1596436756

"With boundless energy and bouncing rhyme, a boy shows readers his handmade book—this book—about his burgeoning independence."-Kirkus

“Rowdy and infectious: Fetch tape and crayons.”-Kirkus

“Mack has created one of the most tactile-looking picture books in recent memory..” – Publisher’s Weekly

"This book is best enjoyed one-on-one because there is much to laugh at and talk about, from Jeff’s crazy hairdo, tangled laces, and other illustrations that belie his boasts to the globs of glue everywhere, and his final foiled attempt to reach the top shelf." - School Library Journal

Ah Ha!

(2013, Chronicle Books)
ages 2 and up
ISBN-13: 978-1452112657

“Read-alouds ought to be gripping performances, with ample opportunities for audience interaction.”-Publisher's Weekly starred review

“Terrific for children just learning their letters, and a stellar read-aloud.” - Shelf Awareness starred review

"The artwork expertly captures all the action, and the animals’ expressions are priceless." - School Library Journal

“beginning readers will find the elegant simplicity of the text rewarding and clever.”- Kirkus
Ah Ha! - click on the picture for more Ah Ha! - sample 1 Ah Ha! sample 2 Ah Ha! sample 3 Ah Ha! sample 4
Duck in the Fridge

(2014, Two Lions Press)
ages 4 and up

“Rambunctious, multispecies pizza party and punfest.” —Publishers Weekly

“The silly scenario and pro-books-and-reading message accentuate the appeal.” —Kirkus Reviews

Duck in the Fridge - click on the picture for more Duck in the Fridge - sample 1 Duck in the Fridge - sample 2 Duck in the Fridge - sample 3 Duck in the Fridge - sample 4
Who Wants A Hug? - click on the picture for more Who Wants A Hug? - sample 1 Who Wants A Hug? - sample 2 Who Wants A Hug? - sample 3 Who Wants A Hug? - sample 4
Who Wants A Hug?

(2015, HarperCollins)
ages 4 - 8

“A humorous and heartwarming take on friendship and forgiveness.” —Booklist

“The message—that everyone is lovable, no matter how stinky and mean on the surface—bubbles through the story without ever becoming heavy-handed..” —School Library Journal

Jeff Mack - Look! - click on the picture for more Jeff Mack - Look! - sample 1 Jeff Mack - Look! - sample 2 Jeff Mack - Look! - sample 3

(2015, Philomel Books)
ages 3-5

"This is a fun read-aloud that will have children wanting to look and look again."—School Library Journal

"An energetic invitation to the joys of books."—Kirkus Reviews

"Even if audiences miss these winks and nods to the tactile pleasures of reading, they’ll still love that gorilla: hulking, eager-to-please and almost palpably furry, he’ll be welcome in any room."—Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

Who Needs a Bath? - click on the picture for more Who Needs a Bath? - sample 1 Who Needs a Bath? - sample 2 Who Needs a Bath? - sample 3 Who Needs a Bath? - sample 4
Who Needs A Bath?

(2015, HarperCollins)
ages 4 - 8

“Charming and full of silly action, this book is sure to circulate.” —School Library Journal

"All (except Skunk) will easily see how much fun a bath can be." ––Kirkus Reviews


(2016, Philomel)
ages 3 - 5

“Young readers will enjoy watching a child take on the role of a parent, and sharing this book will be a delight for all. Multiple readings are sure to be demanded before bedtime finally comes." Booklist, STARRED REVIEW

"The gorilla’s naughty, sneaky smile is a thing of beauty. Just try saving this book for evening! Both younger and older readers will be looking and laughing throughout the day."--School Library Journal

"A pleasant and action-filled going-to-sleep book, this selection may prove the perfect antidote for a sleepless night. A simple, fun-filled goodnight book."--Kirkus Reviews

Time For (Earth) School, Dewey Dew
by Leslie Staub

(2016, Boyds Mills Press)
ages 4 - 8

“A fine read-aloud choice, this picture book explores what it feels like to be the new kid, whatever planet you call home." --Booklist

"Mack's pencil, watercolor, and digital illustrations are a delight. Though they've likely never met an ET, readers won't have any trouble decoding what the unfamiliar words mean or how Dewey Dew feels about his single eye, 3-fingered hands, and lack of hair amid the other students, who are nicely multiracial.ET or not, the first day of school will be ootay."--Kirkus Reviews

Time For (Earth) School, Dewey Dew cover dewey sample 1 dewey sample 2 dewey sample 3 dewey sample 4
Firetruck cover firetruck sample 1 firetruck sample 2 firetruck sample 3 firetruck sample 4
mine cover mine sample 1 mine sample 2 mine sample 3 mine sample 4
If My Love Were a Firetruck
by Luke Reynolds

(2017, Doubleday)
ages 3 - 7

"This bedtime story reassures and entertains. A guaranteed hit for vehicle lovers."—School Library Journal

"an uplifting message of comfort and commitment."—Publishers Weekly

"An opening for parent-child pairs to use their own imaginations to see where love will take them."—Kirkus

(2017, Chronicle Books)
ages 2 - 5

“A behavioral window for some, a mirror for many, and a delightful book for all.”—Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

“Conceptually rich and a whole lot of fun.”—School Library Journal
Mr. Monkey
Visits a School

(2018, Simon & Schuster)
ages 4 - 8
ISBN: 978-1534404298
Mr. Monkey
Bakes a Cake

(2018, Simon & Schuster)
ages 4 - 8
ISBN: 978-1534404311

"Encore, encore for kid lit's ap-peel-ing new primate." - Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW

"a sweet and delicious romp." - Booklist
How Do You Say
"I Love You", Dewey Dew?
by Leslie Staub

(2018, Boyds Mills Press)
ages 4 - 8
ISBN-13: 978-1629794976

"A powerful message about the support of friends and defusing a bully wrapped in a sweet Valentine tale." - Kirkus Reviews